Comfort Height toilets can be a lifesaver

Life can be quite the bumpy ride, and having limitations in mobility is one of those bumps many of us will at some point experience. But losing your mobility doesn’t mean you have to lose your independence, especially if you’re concerned with using the bathroom. The Comfort Height toilet is the toilet to consider if you are in need of a higher, better toilet.

You’ve probably used one of these toilets before and didn‘t even know it. Since the Comfort Height toilet sits higher from the ground than a standard toilet – 18” versus the usual 16” – it is the perfect solution for facilities wanting to offer universal accessibility. Most public restrooms have this high-quality toilet.

And the great news for homeowners is that the Comfort Height toilet can be installed easily in your bathroom at home. Here are the top reasons to consider the most easily accessible toilet available.

Easier to get on and off: Since the toilet sits 2” higher than a traditional toilet, a huge difference in getting on/off the toilet will be noticed. Two inches may not seem like a huge amount, but they can improve the independence for many.

Works great for grab bars: If you’re worried about your balance, the Comfort Height toilet is great if you want to install grab bars as well. Since it sits higher from the ground, there is more room around the toilet to install them. A quality plumber will be able to install these for you.

Flush-assist can be added: Another great thing about this toilet is that assisted flushing can be added. Assisted flush is a must-have option for anyone with limited hand function.

For more information on how long it takes to install a Comfort Height toilet and pricing, call your local friendly WBL plumber, who can help you with any of your questions.

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