Top 4 Toilet Manufacturers

The throne, the john, whatever you like to call it, the toilet is one the most used seats in the house. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, or maybe you toilet has seen better days, getting a toilet from a reputable, quality manufacturer is a smart decision for every homeowner. Don’t go into the plumbing section unprepared. Here are the top four top toilet manufacturers in the industry.


Mansfield been around since 1929 and they sell over 24 different toilet models. They’re known for their Designer Suite toilets (a variety of styles with different colors and finishes), as well as their high efficiency toilets. And if you’re thinking about getting a high efficiency toilet (a great way to save on your water bill) their EcoQuantum and QuantumOne models can‘t be beat. The EcoQuantum includes dual-flush technology, which is a+ huge water saver. Mansfield toilets are also a great choice if you’re looking for high-performing flush systems or pressure-assisted flush.

American Standard Companies

American Standard has also has been around since 1929 (when the American Radiator Company and Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company merged) and is another top toilet company. They offer one of the largest selections of toilets and they have the latest toilet advancements installed in their products. For example, they offer a “plunge free” toilet, their Townsend Champion Right-Height Elongated toilet, which never clogs. And another nice bonus – their toilets are easy to clean and install.


TOTO is one of the first toilet manufacturers from Japan and they’re considered one of the most high-end toilets in the world. They’re known for almost never clogging, rarely needing repair and when they refill they’re whisper quiet. TOTO’s Drake toilet is a great choice too. It is one of their more inexpensive toilets, yet it still has a powerful flush (this is a great option for homes with low water pressure).


Kohler has been making bath products since 1873 they’re known for making high quality toilets that are affordable (mid-range prices). They do however have a high-end toilet, the Purist Hatbox Toilet, that has a unique minimalist design. It has no tank and looks like like a hat box. It also has an electronic soft touch activation, a 12 inch elongated bowl and every woman’s favorite – a self-closing seat.

The toilet may seem like a nondescript item in your home, but as it is with most things in life, going with a reputable brand is always a smart decision.

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